The Second Print Proof Is In

The next print proof for Odyssey is here in my office and it looks pretty good. Every little problem with it is something that I accepted during production to solve some other problem, which is how that goes sometimes.

At 144-ish pages, the book is about the total length I was willing to make it to keep the book itself slight and not intimidating. As a result, the text density on the page is pretty high. Maybe too high. I’m waffling about that right now but I think I’m just going to accept that this edition is a little text-dense, visually, and move forward with it like that.

It’s not impossible that I’ll find a long-term publisher for the game somewhere, which could spark a new revision and layout, but for now … I think it’s done. So: on with it.

Odyssey’s newest upgrade went live today, including a new 144-page version with streamlined rules, revised procedures, renovated and expanded playsets, and updated art files!

And I’ve already found a typo I missed, which means the book is real now!

If you get a chance to play Odyssey, I hope you’ll drop me a line here or on Twitter ( @wordwill ) to let me know about your voyages. Thanks for playing.